What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About You?

What is the reason for our choice of our favorite blooms? Is it more than just a preference for a certain appearance and fragrance?

There is a growing field of evidence that a relationship does indeed exist between a person’s favorite bloom and their own disposition, and even more surprising, that there may be personality conflicts between differing bloom affinities.

A daisy lover, for example, may not mesh well with a peony fan. Of course it must be born in mind that we are a bit of a blend of several so that there can be far more compatibility when we realize that everyone has a bit several bloom personalities within them.

We list below several of the most well-known blooms, and the character traits associated with them.

Do you recognize yourself in any of them? You may actually resemble your own garden more than you realize.

What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About You ~Roses

The flower of the very feminine romantic, the rose attracts those who are deeply romantic and passionate, and who have relationships that are profoundly meaningful. You are naturally skilled at seeing and bringing out the best qualities in others. You struggle with being a perfectionist yourself however. You are also a traditionalist, and thought by some to be old fashioned.


This bloom is classy and elegant, much the same as those who choose it as a favorite. The orchid people are quite sophisticated and care a great deal about appearances. At the same time, however they cherish close friends with whom they can be very open and honest. The world see you as mysterious, exotic and worldly.


This is a flower that is attractive for those who are a steadying force that is a source of comfort to others. Carnation lovers have their own unique sense of style. Your friends find you easy to talk to and you are also easy to please in making your life fulfilling. You ask for little and in fact are somewhat resistant to new experiences or change.


Fans of this lovely flower, like the bloom itself, manifest a sweetness, and even innocence. You seek travel to exotic places and have developed a unique sense of style, in your quest for new horizons. You are always ready to explore and jump in to new experiences. You are also a mysterious romantic.


A flower that represents good cheer, the daisy is most appealing to those who love life and enjoy all that it offers. Daisy lovers never see the glass half empty; it is always half- full. Daisies tend to be a delight in any social setting for their unique ability to bring smiles and laughter to their companions and are always warmly welcomed in any gathering.


The simple beauty of the violet reflects the subtle simplicity seen in the fans of this purple bloom. You have a few very close friends who know the real you, but to others, your secretive nature keeps your inner self more hidden. You seek and give simplicity in life and have been a loyal and true friend to the few that you choose.


Like the flower itself, the tulip lovers are a cheerful group of people. They truly cherish their family. Your natural disposition is very sweet, thoughtful and caring. You find it easy to connect with people. You are a seeker of change and new experiences and strive to give the absolute best of yourself in every situation.

Baby’s Breath

The very name of this flower brings to mind the traits that are present in those who choose this delicate bloom. You are filled with innocence and sweetness. For you, fairy tales are real, and believable, particularly in everlasting love. You are known to be consistently cheerful and happy as well as very romantic.


Those who love peonies are those with a heart of gold, who loves to care for others and are sweet natured. You are known as a great listener, a firm believer in true love, and love to surprise people. You are also regarded as an elegant dresser, and your friends appreciate that you are a great listener.


If you are a lover of daffodils you have the combined qualities of Being sensitive, artistic, and creative while also being very hard-working, and great at multitasking. You are loving and caring with your family. Wish all of these varied skills you also possess the ability to balance it all, living a calm and peaceful life.


Those of you who love the sunflowers are, as the blooms themselves, very cheerful and optimistic. You are known to generate warmth, happiness and energy around you. Your friends would see you as bubbly and outgoing, and you have an easy time making friends.


Those of you who are fans of this flower are not surprisingly, very vibrant and outgoing in your enthusiasm. While you may be regarded as a bit quirky, you are also the life of the party in social situations. You also have a desire to learn new things, to seek creative endeavors and to express yourself very well.


The bloom that represents the quintessence of loveliness, attracts those who live graciously, giving care and compassion freely and who can be friendly, playful, as equally caring and giving. You are generally a motherly figure, and take great pride in your accomplishments and relationships. You are well-respected as well.


If Irises are your favorite flower, you are known for your creativity and your wild imagination. You tend to avoid getting stuck in old routines, seeking new experiences and places. You are spiritually inclined and as such, inclined to be a dreamer and an optimist. You are also well-regarded in your ability to keep your word.

Let us know if this article seems true for you. Does your personality match your flower?