10 Things Happen When You Quit Sugar

Everyone loves eating sweets, right? Well, sugar might taste good as well as seem harmless for the body, but research reveals that sugar is among the main causes in the world’s increase in obesity, diabetes and countless other diseases. To add to the problem, processed sugars, most especially, have become a huge problem nowadays.

As if white table sugar isn’t already bad enough for our health, there are also added sugars in less obvious food items such as yogurt, pasta sauces, salad dressings, etc. This is apart from the loads of sugar obviously found in sweet treats such as candies, pastries and other baked goods.

Added sugar also comes in a highly sweet form called high fructose corn syrup commonly found in sodas, processed drinks, processed meats, and pancake syrups and is particularly detrimental to the body.

Aside from weight gain, excess and added sugars also causes more serious conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, ADD, depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, and are even implicated in cancer.

Here are 10 things that can happen when you quit sugar:

10 Things Happen When You Quit Sugar ~1. Better Skin

Sugar-caused systemic inflammation is also known to contribute to acne and premature skin aging. Less bodily inflammation can improve acne, skin tone and complexion as your sugar intake is reduced. It is also suggested that because less sugar consumption also helps properly balance bacteria in and out of the body, it also contributes to less acne breakouts.

2. Weight Loss

The amount of sugar in our diet plays a huge role in weight loss and weight gain. The body’s most usable source of fuel is sugar and carbohydrates, but the problem herein is when the body runs primarily on sugar, it tends to consumes it more quickly and then it craves for even more.

Likewise, when you use sugar as your primary source of energy, this prevents your body from burning its fat stores as its immediate source of fuel. Finally, the body tends to store excess sugar as body fat hence adding pounds to your weight.

3. Better Mood

A Columbia University study revealed that women who eat too much added sugars and refined grains (or white carbs) tend to be more prone to experience irritability, anxiety, and mood swings. Various other studies too show the same findings. Once you get through the initial discomforts of craving for sweets as you eliminate sugar from your diet, you will begin to experience having a noticeably improved mood.

4. Less Body Aches and Pains

Sugar contributes to chronic pains and arthritis. Sugar is directly connected with inflammation, which, aside from injury, is the main cause of most bodily pains. The most common issues associated with sugar-caused inflammation are joint pains, strain and swelling. Avoid sugar as well as processed carbs to help lessen your body pains.

5. Better Gut Health

Our digestive system and specifically our gut microbiome, plays a crucial role in keeping our overall health. Our bodies have over 100 trillion bacteria, and our gut holds much of it. Too much sugar messes up with the good bacteria that reside in our gut affecting our overall health. Bad bacteria too (including yeast candida) thrive on sugar, hence a diet too high in sugar and processed carbs may lead to dysfunctions in the gut.

6. More Energy

When you ditch high sugar foods from your diet, not only will you eliminate experiencing sugar crashes, you will also feel more energetic overall. Your increased energy will also result from making more nutrient-dense food choices containing higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

7. Less Hunger and Cravings

If your body runs on sugar, then your body processes these sugars quickly, using it up for instant energy while also storing excess sugars into stored fat. This leads to the body experiencing great strain as well as swings in blood sugar; thus, you feel hungry quicker and more often. After quitting sugar, your body will not feel so hungry and stopping the cycle will cause sugar cravings to eventually disappear.

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8. Lower Risk of Disease

Excessive sugar consumption is often linked to numerous diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, heart diseases and even cancer. As a matter of fact, certain modern cancer treatments advice eliminating sugar entirely from the patient’s diet in order to starve his/her cancer cells. Sugar has also been implicated to contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases, so many people nowadays already get successful treatments by simply observing an eating plan free from added sugars.

9. Clearer Thinking / Less “Brain Fog”

Brain fog symptoms include troubles concentrating, confusion, forgetfulness or poor memory, slow mental acuity or information processing, grogginess, and “slowness” or sluggish thinking. It is common among people these days and one of its biggest culprits is sugar. Brain fog is a direct result of bodily inflammation.

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10. You will eat other healthier foods.

When you eliminate sugar from your diet, you will naturally gravitate towards other healthier foods. Likewise, once you get past your sugar cravings, foods that might not have tasted so great to you before, now taste wonderful. Fruits and various vegetables will taste sweeter and be more satisfying to you.