12 Signs You May Actually Be Psychic

Do you believe you have psychic abilities? If you have a sense that you possess this gift, chances are that to some degree you probably do since most often there are more people capable of psychic experiences than are even aware of it.

Some of the signs and experiences of psychic phenomena are not always comfortable, pleasant or even readily associated with the visions and gifts of those who have it.

Certain life events may cause psychic abilities.

There is a growing number of instances citing a particular life experience or life event that are seen as the root cause of psychic gifts within an individual. In other words, an event can trigger the psychic abilities. This is not necessarily the case with everyone, but it may be a signal so to speak of special gifts to follow.

Some of these events are as follows:

1. The Birth of a Child

For mothers especially, intuition is strengthened as one desired to be “tuned in” to the needs of their child. It might be said that “mother’s intuition” was actually a term coined to describe this phenomenon.

2. Healing Practices

A person seeking physical healing through deep energy healing as in meditation,  Relaxation, Reiki or Hypnosis often discovers a raise in vibration and energy flowing, causing a shift toward greater awareness.

3. A Frightening Experience

A frightening experience, such as an accident or near death experience may trigger psychic abilities. Such an event may cause a person involved to attempt to connect more than previously to the spiritual world for solace, or for other reasons may simply begin to experience stronger connection to the spiritual world after this experience. Some well known examples are Doreen Virtue, who received her gift after a traumatic experience, as well as two famous Mediums, John Holland and Maureen Hancock, who both received their new abilities after an accident.

4. The Loss of a Loved One

A person may seek deeper connection to the Source of their being to comfort them in the loss they have suffered and they will as a result get deeper in touch with their own soul or spiritual essence.

12 Signs You May Have Psychic Abilities

12 Signs You May Actually Be Psychic ~There are many ways that psychic abilities can manifest themselves. Detailed below are several, but the list is definitely not all-inclusive. If you experience any of these 12 abilities, you may actually be psychic.

1. Powerful Dreams that are Remembered in Great Detail

When a person wakens from a dream with very detailed recall of everything in the dream, may be a clear indication of psychic abilities, and the symbols within the dream, or the events in the dreams may provide insights to real life events. And recurring dreams are also an occurrence associated with psychic perceptions that relate to one’s life story, and possibly to future events.

2. Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to sense something from the energy associated with certain objects or people, often when touching them. A person may ‘know’ something that emanates form another person or object, having to do with the other individual’s life experience, or about a past event in their life.

For example, shaking someone’s hand or holding an object belonging to someone else may bring certain smells or sounds to the perception of the psychic individual, sometimes along with images associated with prior events.

3. Sensing a Loved One’s Trouble

When you have a strong sense of harm or sorrow effecting a loved one, it may even arouse great fear, particularly in feeling helpless to prevent this occurrence. Physical distance plays no part in the transmission of this sense. It may be an event in another continent or in the next room.

4. Telepathic Experiences

If you experience feeling a mental connection with someone, of being able to send them your thoughts, or to know their thoughts in a given moment, it is telepathy and you are having a form of a psychic experience.

5. Foretelling Future Events

Telling the future as you sense it will occur among family member and loved ones, and then having it come to pass is often the first indicator that a person may have psychic gifts. Apparently the feedback from those who knew of your prediction, draws some serious attention to this skill, due to the measurable proof that you were right.

6. Connection to the Spiritual World

People with psychic gifts are also very likely to be aware of the presence of their Source, or the souls of loved ones who have passed on, as well as sensing the presence of spirit guides, or angels having an influence in your life. Some people also report finding themselves in the presence of family members of loved ones too.

7. Physical Senses are Heightened

One who is gifted with psychic ability may have unique ability to hear sounds that aren’t heard by anyone else. This also applies to certain visual experiences as well and may either convey to the gifted psychic that some is about to occur, are that may be occuring at that time in some other location.

8. Severe Headaches

Some people with psychic gifts have the unfortunate symptoms of severe headaches created through the intense influx of energy they experience, and they are fairly common unfortunately. The good news is that this distressing experience can be reduced considerably by soaking one’s feet in warm water, and adding epson salt or essential oils is suggested as well. Other medical causes should be ruled out of course, but it is commonly associated with this, and in the absence of any other diagnosis you can understand why it happens, and allay your concerns.

9. Healing Hands

Have you ever had the experience of laying your hands on a person who is ill and have them tell you they are better from your touching them? It is accomplished through a transfer of your energy through you to them. Healers who can accomplish this are also frequently skilled in other psychic gifts,

10. Senses Two Locations at Once

A strange phenomenon occurring for many psychics is that of being in their own present moment experience where they physically are, and simultaneously having sensory input of events that may be occurring in another part of the world.

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11. Losing Friends and Finding New Ones

It is sometimes experienced that people you formerly regarded as friends begin to disappear, due to a level of discomfort with your gift. But often the choice will be with the psychics themselves, who may feel they have outgrown some past friendships as they have evolved and their friends perhaps did not.

12. A Change in Appetite, For the Better

The psychic who is self aware of his/ her talent may feel drawn to a switch from junk foods to a diet of high vibrational foods that permit the flow of psychic input more easily that foods that impose a sluggishness on your energy. Salads, fruits, and vegetables are among such foods, almost synonymous with generally healthy eating.

If you feel you possess some psychic gifts and would like to develop there are many books and guides available on Amazon where you will see exercises designed to strengthen what gives you may have or discover new ones.  Each person has their own degree of natural gifts and how much you wish to develop them for use in life is entirely up to you. It will also be a source of comfort to understand that you are experiencing some unusual occurrences because of your gifts, and not because there is something wrong with you.