11 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

When a loved one passes, the sense of loss is profound. However, losing someone you care about does not mean that they are gone. The deceased frequently send messages to reassure their friends and family that they are still actively involved in their lives.

While many of these signs are subtle, you can find reassurance by staying alert for the following types of communication that your deceased loved one uses to send messages of comfort and healing.

Here are 11 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You:

11 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You ~ https://facthacker.com/signs-deceased-loved-one-trying-to-contact-you/1. Dream Visitations

The deceased often take advantage of your relaxed state of mind to visit you in your dreams. In fact, many people dream of their loved one before they even receive news of their passing. You may find yourself reliving a past memory of a time you enjoyed with your loved one.

Alternatively, they may send you words of wisdom by speaking to you directly or using symbolism in your dreams. Either way, seeing your loved one in a dream is a big sign they are staying in contact.

2. Visions and Apparitions

Seeing a loved one that has passed for the first time can be shocking. However, there is no need to be afraid. An apparition can take the form of a slightly transparent image of your loved one, or it could look as though they are truly in the room.

While the image will fade, they are letting you know that you still have their love and guidance.

3. Familiar Scents

Scents hold powerful memories, and your loved one may use their distinctive smell to send a message. Be alert for a waft of perfume, cigar smoke or even the scent of a favorite food that would not usually be circulating throughout your environment since these can all signal your loved one is near.

4. Distinctive Sounds

Hearing your loved one’s voice say your name or shout a warning provides an immediate sense of comfort. Yet, your loved one may also use music to contact you. This could be a shared favorite song playing on the radio, or you may randomly hear your music player turn on. Footsteps down the hall, cabinets closing and the jingle of their keys are other ways your loved one sends sound messages.

5. An Obvious Presence

Having a sudden sense that your loved one is near means they are truly there with you in the room. Some people feel this as a sudden shift of energy, while others may notice a heavy weight on the bed as if someone just sat down. Drafts of wind, a sense of overwhelming peace and waking up at the same time a person passed are additional ways they may reach out to you.

6. Animal Messenger

Winged animals, such as butterflies, birds and dragonflies, tend to be used most often by those who have passed because they symbolize freedom and happiness. If you see these, then know your loved one is letting you know they are at peace. You may also see their favorite animal such as a specific breed of dog or cat run across your path.

7. Meaningful Numbers

Families and friends often have dates and other numbers that hold special meaning. Your loved one may show you they are still with you by letting you see those dates on license plates, cash register totals and other places where numbers are prone to appear.

8. Strategically Placed Objects

The discovery of a beautiful feather or rare coin is always a nice surprise, yet you may want to look twice if your loved one was a collector. Often, these things are placed in your path to provide symbolic meaning. For example, your loved one may place a pretty stone in your walking path to let you know they are there to give you strength through a rough time.

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9. Manipulation of Energy

Lights flickering may herald a ghost sighting in movies, yet real life spirits also use tactics such as this to get your attention. This sign tends to occur most often in the early days after a person’s passing as they experiment with their ability to manipulate electricity. If your radio turns on or your clock changes time, say hello to your loved one so they know their efforts are noticed.

10. Buzzing or Ringing Noise

Those who have passed know that it sometimes takes a little work to get us to notice their communication. For this reason, they may send you a buzzing noise in your ears to make you take note of your surroundings. This is usually accompanied by another type of communication such as a rainbow in the sky, so be sure to take notice.

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11. Random Coincidences

In life, synchronicity is designed to provide reassurance that you are on the right path. Your loved one may arrange for the phone to ring right as you are thinking about them. You might also run into someone who looks like them right when you are missing them the most. When this occurs, bask in the knowledge that this was no coincidence. Your loved one wanted you to know that they are still a guiding presence in your life.