12 Signs You’re Smart, Even Though You Don’t Think You Are

There are numerous indicators of high intelligence that cover all areas of living. Your intelligence may show itself in a number of other ways.  One thing we would seldom observe in these people is a loud and boastful way of drawing attention to it. They usually prefer to go about their activities quietly.

Below are a number of other indicators of a strong intellect – signs you’re smart. If you any of these describe you, there’s no need to doubt yourself. 

Here are 12 Signs You’re Smart, Even Though You Don’t Think You Are

12 Signs You're Smart, Even Though You Don't Think You Are - https://facthacker.com/signs-youre-smart/1. You Keep Trying

Like Thomas Edison having 10,000 failed attempts at getting the light bulb to finally work, the higher intellect causes us to keep trying differently to succeed at what you have set your mind to, rather than giving up and resigning yourself to a smaller dream.

Instead of shying away from the challenge the highly intelligent people will persist, reach higher and seek out their creative side to make it work.

2. You Understand Being Frugal Is Important

It might just be the little things, like purchasing the energy efficient light bulbs, do a quick cost comparison of the store brand with the name brand of certain items in the store, the smarter brain will automatically kick into gear in consideration of every available way to save on unnecessary expenses.

3. You Adapt

You don’t get overly discouraged when you have to change your original plan. You may have your sights set on a certain dream of yours, such as finding a low cost and efficient way to promote your new product to the social media world. You may have found out the company you intended to use has now changed their terms, raising the cost to more than your budget.

Your  intelligence will give you sufficient creativity and analytical skill to look at various different options when problems arise.

4. Your Peers are Intelligent and Interesting

You are likely to have the most rewarding friendships with others who are involved in interesting activities that you might define as ‘life-giving.’

Activities that stimulate new ways of thinking and perceiving or provide a creative outlet will attract those with intellectual inclinations, and your peers are very likely to be of a similar nature to you.

5. You Pay Attention to Detail

You put great attention to detail, or may be called a perfectionist. You are likely to look for the best possible way to plan and organize a project and give great attention to a smooth presentation or finished product.

Unlike perfectionism as it is commonly considered, when things do not pan out perfectly, you don’t beat yourself. You can learn from it rather easily. You see every misstep as an education of sorts. So while you may appear to walk away from your mistakes, it is never a flippant act. You deliberate and learn in each circumstance.

6. You are Often Self-Critical

Not in the sense of drowning in regret for your mistakes, but you do look at mistakes, or actions that could be improved upon and you take that into your mindset as ammunition to face the next challenge if that nature.

Self-critical may actually be viewed in this sense as acceptance of, and learning from, mistakes. That is something we all should be doing.

7. You are Well-Informed

While you may enjoy relaxing in front of TV comedy now and then to relax, you are mentally hungry to learn and know things, about what is occurring in the world, in health and healing in the changing needs of our environment.

You are likely to want to learn the backstory behind what occurs in the world. 

8. You May Sell Yourself a Little Short

The people of lower competence will often seem to exaggerate their achievements or successes, part of a syndrome called the Dunning-Kruger effect.

This is not at all present in the group in higher intellect. It is your nature to downplay their achievements, and to view room for growth as a sign that ‘You’re not there… yet.’

9. You Avoid Risks Unless They are Essential to Your Plan

You prefer to avoid risks that will leave you in a position of preventable hardship. Instead of blowing your funds on lottery tickets, or some other random chance windfall, you may save or invest to accrue funds securely over time.

10. You are Dedicated

In your hunger to stay in touch with learning and understanding the world around you, you are likely to gravitate to activities to help move forward a specific idea that you believe in, and will stay with it.

Whether it is philanthropy in your community, care of the environment or teaching others the art of energy healing, it will consistently remain important to you, and your time will be devoted to it.

11. You Don’t Make Enemies

You will have a generally healthy view of relationships in the business world and in your personal life. Your friendliness may be guarded at first, but you are careful in your relationships and making enemies is something you have no interest in.

12. You’re a Night Owl

A unique characteristic that generally is seen in very smart people is the night owl pattern, of delving into research, study or creative projects onto the wee hours as the world sleeps. You may browse the internet for answers to questions, work on your book manuscript, try to teach yourself another language, or a musical instrument.

You will probably surprise friends and loved ones when you unveil your accomplishment to them, since you have done so much of this wonderful work in those quietest hours of the day.