Don’t Throw Them Away! 25 Alternative Uses for Silica Packets

Buying a new pair of shoes, bags, gadgets or vitamins sometimes comes with those tiny silica gel packets. Silica’s main use is to keep away unwanted moisture that may cause damage to these items.

Although you definitely need to keep silica packets away from reach of children, you don’t have throw them away just yet! You can make use of them in several different ways. Below are 25 alternative uses for silica packets you have probably never ever thought of before.

25 Alternative Uses for Silica Packets

Don't Throw Them Away! 25 Alternative Uses for Silica Packets ~1. Rescue a wet mobile/ gadget from water damage.

If you dropped your mobile phone somewhere wet, you can help save your phone by dabbing it off with a paper towel to dry the device, and then removing its battery and memory card then placing it in a bowl filled with silica packets.

2. Save your photographs.

Photos are susceptible to damage from moisture so make sure you place silica gel packets too in the boxes where you keep your photos. You can even tape a silica packet behind your picture frames to protect it from damp environment.

3. Keep important documents dry.

Important documents such as birth certificates, marriage contracts, land titles, etc. also need to be protected from moisture to keep the papers from disintegrating. Place silica gel packets into your document envelopes or boxes.

4. Keep curtains, linens, towels, and other fabric items free from stink and molds.

You can help keep molds away from your precious items you keep long in the storage. Place the packets in between the sheets or in the corners of the storage boxes or cabinets.

5. Keep unused clothes, trench coats, seasonal wear, etc. fresh always.

Keep your closet away from moist with a silica gel packet especially during humid seasons.

6. Absorb moist from glass or mirrors.

You can prevent window condensation by placing silica gel on the window sills, for instance, to help absorb moisture.

7. Keep your car’s windshield from fogging.

You might also want to keep some silica packets on your dashboard to keep the windshield from fogging.

8. Safely store electric/electronic items such as blenders, food processors, external hard disks, cameras, etc., even unused vehicles!

Sometimes we have items at home that we rarely use. We can help keep them protected from moist, rust, and damage by storing them with silicas. Believe it—silicas can even protect dormant car engines!

9. Maintain your tool boxes, safes, gun cases, etc.

Silica is great too for tool boxes or storage/ cases that can be prone to rust.

10. Prolong the life of your razor blades.

Moisture and oxidation can instantly make your razor blades dull and tarnished. Prevent them from rusting fast by storing them in a small plastic container with silica.

11. Store gardening seeds.

If you have seeds you want to plant for the next season, keep them with silica sachets to prevent them from mildew or molds.

12. Preserve your leather items.

Keep your leather shoes, boots, or bags in tip-top shape by placing silica packets inside them when in storage.

13. Protect luggage.

Keeping your luggage tucked somewhere in the attic or basement makes them musty, damp, or smelly. Store them well with the use of—again—our trusty silica packets.

14. Keep your Christmas ornaments or decorations.

After using holiday ornaments/ decorations, we keep them away in boxes for a year so it’s best to store them with silica gels to protect them from prolonged moist damage.

 15. Prevent your silver jewelry from tarnishing.

Keeping a piece of silica packet in your jewelry box also helps prevent your silvers from tarnish especially when they are not in use.

16. Help maintain your collectibles or memorabilia (including DVDs, videos, or cassettes).

Preserve the high value of any of your collectibles or memorabilia by keeping them dry or away from moisture damage with the use of silica.

17. Keep your crafting/ scrapbooking papers and other DIY materials dry.

Sometimes your have left-over craft materials lying around but don’t toss them; you can keep them with a packet of silica gel so you can still use them in the future.

18. Use to dry leaves or flowers fast.

Using silica is an easy way to dry flowers or leaves for crafting or decorating.

19. Reuse them as potpourri material.

Simply open the packet and drizzle with a few drops of fragrant essential oil to function as potpourri.

20. Extend the life of make-up.

Make-up, too, especially powdered ones such as blush-ons, eye shadows, etc., can get dank because of humid atmosphere. You can prevent them from going bad easily by keeping them with a packet of silica.

21. Keep your camera bag moist-free or damp-free.

If you often use your camera outdoors when the weather could be damp, wet, or cold; simply place small silica packs in your camera bag to help get them protected. No need to worry about your camera lens fogging or streaking.

22. Freshen your gym bag and lockers.

Moisture in the gym, specifically your sports bag and lockers can attract bacteria and bad odor. Keep these places fresh with a few pieces of silica gel packets.

23. Preserve your books.

Protect your book pages from the effect of moist. Store them in boxes or shelves with silica gel packets to prevent the pages from yellowing fast or from smelling old, rank, or musty.

24. Keep dry the dog’s kibbles and the cat’s litter box.

*Use safely. Make sure you tape these securely underneath the kibble container and/or litter box where the pets may not reach them and eat them.

25. Make your kitchen herbs and spices free from molds and mildew.

Whoever wants their food tasting moldy because of the dried herbs or spices you used in them? Stop this from happening with the help of a few safely placed silica gels.

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So, those are some of the best ideas you can reuse silica gel packets. Any other alternative uses you can think of?

TIP/ NOTE: Silica gel packets over time will stop working once they collect too much moisture. You can still reuse them though by heating them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 2 hours and then keeping them inside an air-tight Ziploc bag until you are ready to use them.

WARNING: If you have kids, especially small children, in your house, DO NOT keep silica gel packets hanging around because these are toxic when eaten. Your child may think it’s candy and eat so it’s better be to safe—DO NOT use them at home—follow the packet’s warning: “Throw Away.” Also, be careful when using them in or near the dinning or kitchen as well as with pets or in places you keep your food and/or your pets. Again, silica is dangerous when eaten.