14 Signs You Might Be An Old Soul

In our world today, there is a special type of person who finds themselves feeling a bit isolated and different. They feel like they are removed from the interests of others their same age or just out of sync with the popular pastimes and trends of today. A lot of what is appealing in today’s world just doesn’t appeal to them.

Do you just not get why the world is the way it is these days? If this seems at all like you, you very well might be an old soul.

Some view being an old soul as meaning you’ve carried your soul from a past lifetime into this lifetime. Generally speaking though, being an old soul simply means you are just not in sync with today’s world – you are in this world while not necessarily of it.

Regardless of whether past lifetimes play a role in being an old soul or whether you are just simply mature beyond your years, here are 14 signs might be an old soul.

14 Signs You Might Be An Old Soul

14 Signs You Might Be An Old Soul -1. You give good advice.

People often get impressed by the way in which you calmly listen and your keen ability to give good advice. You have an intuitive and mature nature equipping you with knowledge that helps you to give good advice. Sometime you even surprise yourself.

Even though you may not be familiar with what someone is going through, when you give advice, it is as if you’ve been through their experience before. Many people in your life seek out your advice because they know you give good solutions. For this reason, you are trusted by others.

2. You love to learn.

You are always looking to learn more and become a wiser person. This doesn’t mean you have higher degrees or necessarily like school. Rather, you like knowledge and the ability to integrate your knowledge into life experiences. You get excited by learning and understanding the truth. As an old soul, you love philosophy, ideas and intellectual adventures.

3. You like being around people who are older than you.

An old soul is usually more comfortable hanging out with older people than they are when they are with people in their same age group. Part of the reason for this is their general comfort but also, they prefer the company of others who are wiser and know more. Even at a young age, old souls are comfortable being around people that are much older and more experienced.

4. You’ve been told you’re wise beyond your years for your entire life.

Even as a kid you were told you are wise beyond your years. You exhibit a sense of maturity that is beyond your age. While this is definitely an asset, sometimes this makes you feel a bit left out.

5. You love the simple things in life.

As an old soul, you take pleasure in doing simple things such as drinking coffee, reading a good book or the news, cooking a great meal or having nice breakfast.

6. You value relationships.

The most important thing to you in your life is the relationships you have with others. You may or may not have many friends, but the friends you do have, you cherish. You are a good friend and you are there for them when they need you.

7. You don’t get caught up in trends.

You do not get lost in the superficial details or trends. You don’t think bigger is better and you don’t strive to buy the next best thing. You like things because you like them and that’s that.

8. You are a thinker.

You ponder on your thoughts and you think things through. You know that your brain is your biggest asset and you use it. You don’t rush to conclusions. You take your time to think and you rely on this ability.

Likewise, you love to think. You enjoy it. Contemplating the meaning of life is one of your favorite pass times.

9. You often feel disconnected from today’s world.

Most times, you feel a sense of disconnect or separation between yourself and the outside world.

10. You want the things you do to have meaning.

You seek to understand the truth and the reason for things. You are not interested in spending your time doing things that are not meaningful. Your life is a quest to feel things deeply and become immersed in things that are significant to you. You do not care for a life of frivolity.

11. You stay calm under pressure.

While the world around you is stressing you, you don’t. For the most part, when things happen, you stay calm. Even when your environment seems to be on fire, you simply view it as part of life’s events. You understand there is always something to be learned. Likewise, you tend to avoid drama and know how to put an end to it in your life when it does arise.

12. You are not materialistic.

You do not care about accumulating stuff nor do you care about the latest gadgets or gizmos. Again, relationships are what matter most to you.

13. You are generous.

You fully understand the act of giving and you are always ready to render assistance to anyone who needs it. Your heart is full and as such you have always got plenty to give to people. Whatever resources are needed, whether it is financial or your time or anything else, you are happy to give whatever you can.

14. You are responsible.

As an old soul, you are mature and make good decisions. You are responsible even when you don’t try.