The 20 Most Common Places In Your Dreams and What They Mean

The different locations or places in dreams each have their own meanings. Do you remember exactly where you were in your dream last night? If so, you might be happy to know that you can actually use this information from your dream to help analyze your life.

Here is a list of The 20 Most Common Places In Your Dreams and What They Mean:

The 20 Most Common Places In Your Dreams and What They Mean ~1. School / Class

It is quite common for a person who has been in school at one point in his/her life to dream that being in school or at a class. Even people who have not been in school for years now dream that they are in school or in a class.

If you dream of being back in your school, this can represent lessons or tests in your current waking life. Furthermore, if you are taking a test in your dream, this could mean feeling tested in your life—something which you are not prepared take. The test or lesson in your dream can also signal something that you need to relearn from your past.

2. In the Air (Flying)

Flying in your dream represents how much control you feel you have in your life. It also signifies your ability or level of confidence in achieving your goals and dreams. Take notice of how well you are able to fly in your dream. Are you flying poorly or flying fairly well? Do you feel in control or out of control?

3. Vehicle / Transportation / Car

Being in a car, plane, boat, or a train, usually represents the direction you feel that your life is taking. Are you the driver or are a mere passenger in your dream? Vehicles often represent power within to make a change in your life. It can be a visualization of getting ahead to your destination. This can also reflect how much control you think you have over what is store for you.

If there are obstacles in your dream, this can represent obstacles you might be facing in making changes in your current waking life.

4. Road

Roads in dreams symbolize your life path or the direction which your life is currently taking. Is the road split, narrow, or winding? Also take note of the road’s surface.

5. Cave

To dream of a cave where you find yourself hiding out means there is a secret or scandal taking place in your actual life.

6. Trapped Someplace

Finding yourself being trapped in some place can indicate your inability but, at the same time, need to make certain choices.

7. House

Seeing a house in a dream often reflects the dreamer’s mind and psyche. The different rooms or areas in the house can represent the different aspects of his/her consciousness. For instance, if you dream of being in the basement, this can represent certain things you find yourself neglecting. Dreaming that you are in the bedroom, on the other hand, indicates your intimate feelings.
Being inside a familiar room in a house can hold a specific meaning for you such as a memory, emotion, or how you view a certain meaningful time in your life.

8. Stairs

If you dream of walking up a flight of stairs, this can indicate something that’s been disappointing you or tiring you down in your waking life. On the other hand, dreaming of walking down stairs means looking forward to something good that is to happen for you.

9. Refrigerator

Standing in front of an opened fridge in your dream can mean you’re searching for something. (Not food to satisfy your immediate hunger but something more long-lasting.) You could be looking around for a solution to your problem or searching for some inspiration or other things even love.

The contents of the fridge also indicate particular things in your life. What kinds of food do you see inside the refrigerator? What is the condition of these foods?

10. Bridge

If you dream about crossing a bridge, this indicates that you’ve been worrying too much about something that is in fact unimportant.

11. Boat

Rowing a boat can mean that some good news or important news is coming your way. It also suggests success or great luck in your business venture.

12. Underwater

Dreaming of drowning (underwater) can mean you have allowed yourself to be too much involved in something that’s been dragging you down “underwater” . You probably need to take things lighter.

Dreaming of being underwater also implies escape or “swimming freely”. If you see yourself deep-sea diving in your dream enjoying a silent, relaxing, peaceful underwater scene, then this must be telling you that you need to take a break for awhile from the pressures of everyday life. Just let yourself float care-free, care-less.

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13. Hospital

Dreaming of being in a hospital or dreaming that a person you love is in the hospital may feel rather frightening, yet on the contrary, this actually means that the person is in good health or improving in terms of health. The dream suggests that you shouldn’t worry too much.

14. Mountains

If you’re on top a mountain in your dream looking out to your surroundings, then this signifies yourself reviewing your life. Dreams of mountains can also symbolize big obstacles, but if you find yourself successfully climbing up to a mountaintop, then this symbolizes success or achievement.

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15. Rock Concert

If you dream that you are in a rock concert, specifically if you are performing as a rock star onstage with thousands of screaming fans, then obviously you have a subconscious desire to be famous, adored/idolized, or loved by many.

The dream, though, doesn’t imply that you are insecure or that you are pompous; on the contrary, you should embrace this particular dream because it indicates that, after all, we are all rock stars in real life; we just have to believe it. Even if you are not famous, you can still build your own platform of popularity and success by doing great things for many people.

16. Bar

The dimly-lit bar is a type of place that suggests anonymity. People can be anyone in a bar, hiding their true selves without being found out which part of themselves are actually real or not real. Dreams of being in bar indicate your yearning for some “thrill of the hunt”, although it can also reflect your loneliness or fear of rejection.

The dream may mean that you are searching for someone to be your life-long partner or a fling. Nonetheless, you are longing to have a new identity so you can attract someone to your side so you can talk, share your stories, and possibly exchange more intimate things.

17. Prom

We all have had our own share of awkward and/or shining moments during high-school. Dreaming about prom night can mean reliving something in it but in our dreams. It can also be a sign that you want to go back to your past to set some things straight once given the chance.

High-school life is an especially unstable stage for each one of us: we meet lots of different contrasting people, form new friendships and identities, learn to love, develop beliefs, ideals, addictions or habits, and experience the ultimate time of our lives—one that is filled with hopes, struggles, and challenges. If you often dream about your high-school prom, it could be telling you that you’re now mature enough to face the menagerie typical of those prom nights. You can do things or believe in things more now that you’re already matured and grown.

18. Church

To dream that you are in a church also indicates growth or self-development.

19. Circus

Dreaming of being part of a circus troupe suggests “being in the spotlight.” In your real life, you may be afraid of getting attention, are shy, or afraid to fail or decide as you “walk on a tightrope”, so to speak. You may also be worrying about your performance or other people’s expectations of you.

Take good note of what stunt you are performing in your dream. Are the audience cheering you on? Are you being courageous/brave? Meanwhile, if you are among the circus show’s spectators, then your dream can also indicate your need to become more involved with your life instead of just watching passively all its actions unfold.

20. Forest

Dreaming of being in a forest is actually a good omen that indicates affluence or prosperity.