What Does Your Favorite Color Reveal About Your Personality?

Why do some people love blue and others love red? Have you ever wondered what it means when you are attracted to a particular color? Color preference goes way beyond simply thinking a certain color is pretty. Indeed your proclivity towards certain colors reflects something about your own reality and your personality.

Experts agree and numerous studies have gleaned that color psychology is real. Of course, individuals vary and these characteristics do not hold true for everyone. Generally associated with these colors, however, read below to gain more insight about…

What Your Favorite Color Revels About Your Personality

What Does Your Favorite Color Reveal About Your Personality ~1. Black

People with a preference towards black tend to be mysterious and powerful. You are dignified, refined and intelligent. You come across as calm and in control.

People who like the color black tend to be deep thinkers. You may come across as intimidating sometimes but overall you are smart, capable and responsible.

2. White

White is color that indicates purity, cleanliness, independence, order and peace. White can indicate innocence as well, but white is really a color that indicates change and transformation, such as a new beginning or a change of plans.

If you find yourself gravitating towards white, it can mean that you are in a time of change or transition. People who like the color white are wise and balanced.

3. Purple

People with a fondness for purple are deeply insightful about life and are often either artistic in expressing themselves, or have great admiration for the artistic endeavors of others.

Among purple-loving-people there is a common interest in striving for peace and envision a world free of war and disease. Likewise, purple-lovers strive to share the message through artistic endeavors. Purple-lovers are also often attracted to mystical and spiritual matters.

4. Blue

Blue is the most commonly loved color of them all. People who like blue strive to have serene lifestyle and a sense of peace by keeping their home and undertakings in good order. Blue-lovers tend to be thoughtful. The blues are very often highly intellectual, and at times, perhaps, too much so.

Blues can often strongly adhere to their own opinions, however, they are also sensitive to the needs of others and generally manage their emotions well. Blue is associated with achievement and success.

5. Blueish-Greenish

Those who are attracted to a mixture of blue green are usually socially well-connected and poised. They tend to have a natural interest in things such as good food and wines, causing them to be regarded as connoisseurs on various subjects. Despite their outward poise and social graces, there may be deep seated stress within the blue-green-lovers.

People who like these shades of blue-green tend to have a profound need for love and approval. Other characteristics include good grooming, quick wit and humor, sometimes a sarcastic nature, at times a bit of a conceited manner, fashionable and charming.

6. Green

If you have a fondness toward green social standing is important to you. You want people to recognize you even if it is just in a simple way. You have good relationships with others. You are steady and unchanging in your life view. People who like green often resist change and strive diligently to protect their good life and standing. People who like green, also tend to enjoy nature and have a need to connect with the earth.

7. Yellow

People who gravitate towards yellow tend to have an optimistic outlook on life. They have high aspirations and work diligently to achieve their dreams. They are well-organized, methodical and deliberate. Yellow-lovers have a tendency to run out of steam though and in the long run you may not achieve your well planned goals for the lack of energy to execute them. You are not shy but may possess a natural reserve or appear aloof.

8. Orange

Those who have a love for the color orange are inclined to be outgoing and friendly. They are pleasant people, make friends easily and tend to smile. Orange-lovers truly enjoy fun friendships. They can easily engage in more deep discussions with people yet they are also typically light and affectionate. You are at ease with large groups of people and meeting new people.

9. Red

The color red is very appealing to the extrovert. Red is associated with strong appetites and a desire to live life to the fullest. Red can sometimes be associated with aggression and impulsivity.

A person who likes red may be inclined to a moody personality with many ups and downs in feelings. Likewise, they tend to release your emotions quickly. Reds know that life should be happy and are quick to become upset when life challenges this. Reds can also be quick to judge.

10. Pink

Pink is associated with love, femininity, sweetness, innocence, and affection. Pink people tend to be romantic, generous and sensitive towards others. People who like pink tend to be care-givers and know how to be there for others. They can often wear their heart on their sleeves, but they remain positive and are open and loving to all.

11. Brown

People who are drawn to brown are steady, hard-working and deliberate in their approach to life. Browns connect to the earth and are dependable and responsible. They are hard-workers and tenacious. Browns are frugal and are often considered old souls.