19 Signs You’re Introverted, Not Shy

Many people mistake being introverted for being shy. It is true that introverts can be shy, but that is not what defines them. Rather, introverts are people who are energized by being alone and become drained by being around other people without breaks.
Some introverts very much like the company of small groups of people they know. Still, introverts need to have their time alone to recharge.

Introverts are often misunderstood. While they love thinking and exploring their thoughts and feelings, they may come across as reclusive, shy or even depressed.

Introverts are in the minority, representing only 25 to 40% of the overall population, however, introverts comprise 60% of population with the highest IQs.

For an excellent explanation about introverts, be sure to read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

Below are 19 signs you are an introvert, not shy.

19 Signs You're Introverted, Not Shy ~1. You are Creative

Introverts tend to be creative. They absorb the information they receive and create.

2. You’re a Great Listener and You Value Listening

Introverts tend to be great listeners. They hear what is said and take time to process it, rather than respond without thinking. They want to understand. They also tend to fully think through their ideas before sharing with others.

Introverts also really appreciate others who truly listen. Likewise, introverts can be annoyed by others that respond without thinking or that aren’t really listening.

3. You Enjoy Time Alone

Introverts don’t just enjoy time alone, they need it! You love to spend time by yourself in order to reenergize.

4. You Have a Small Group of Close Friends

Introverts like to have friendships, but they are more about having deep and close relationships with a select few, rather than multiple casual ties. Introverts make great friends because they are close with the ones they have.

5. You are a Great Judge Character

You are observant and you pick up on the way people are, including their non-verbals. Because of this you tend to be a great judge of character, observing the things that many other people initially miss.

6. You Come Across As Mysterious

You may feel like you are anything by mysterious, but because of your quiet and observant ways, you come across that way to others.

7. Parties, Dinners and Small Talk Drain You

Being in social situations where you have to be “on” can drain you. You may feel like you just ran a few miles when all you did was have a business dinner. Having multiple social engagements in the same week can leave you feeling burned out.

8. You Protect Your Personal Space

Your space is your sanctuary and so you guard if from others. You do not like others to encroach on your space or overstay their welcome.

9. You are Observant

You are a people-watcher and you notice things. You spend your time absorbing the information around you rather than talking and expressing. You see little details that others miss.

10. Crowds Stress You Out

Crowds are not a place where an introvert thrives. Crowds drain the introvert and can be quite uncomfortable.

11. You Think Before You Act

Because introverts are thinkers, we think before we act. You tend to make sound decisions because of this.

12. You are a Loyal

Introverts value friendships and relationships and become fiercely loyal to the people within their circle.

13. You Enjoy Solitary Activities

You not only don’t mind doing things alone, you love to do things alone.

14. Small Talk Feels Like a Waste of Time

Idle chatter is a source of annoyance and waste to you. This is not because you don’t like the person you’re speaking with or that you don’t care about them, rather it just feels wasteful and pointless.

15. You Don’t Like Answering Calls from Unknown Numbers

You see the number, you don’t recognize it and it creates an uncomfortable feeling.

16. You Get Distracted Easily

Extroverts tend to get bored, but introverts tend to get distracted easily. So many ideas! Likewise, they can easily get overwhelmed. So many books to read…

17. You Talk to Yourself, A Lot

You have a constant conversation with yourself inside your head. …And it’s captivating.

18. You Often Feel Relieved if Someone Cancels Plans

You’re off the hook. More time alone!

19. Meeting New People Is Not Exciting To You

It is not only not exciting to you to meet new people, it can sometimes feel awkward, overwhelming and draining. You are fine with just knowing the people you already know.