10 Things Happen When You Drink Only Water for 4 Weeks

Water has endless health benefits that people should take advantage of. The human body is made up of about 60% water, and it needs to be replenished on a regular basis. You can be on your way to a healthy lifestyle if you put the sodas aside and choose water instead.

Here are ten things that happen when you drink only water for one month, without changing anything else about your lifestyle.

10 Things Happen When You Drink Only Water for 4 Weeks

10 Things Happen When You Drink Only Water for 4 Weeks - https://facthacker.com/drink-only-water-for-4-weeks/1. Better Functioning Immune System

Water acts to help the body renew itself. Water also flushes out the kidneys and the liver, which helps them to function better thereby doing their job best – eliminating toxic waste and salt from your body. This alone helps the immune system to function better.

Likewise, an increase in water consumption can also neutralize pH levels and strengthen the immune system.

2. Constipation relief

Constipation is a huge problem in the US, without much success in healing on its own. While there are many causes for constipation and it should be taken seriously, sometimes all some people need is more hydration from water.

A natural way to increase bowel movements is to increase fluid intake. Alternatively, not drinking enough water can cause constipation, which is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

3. Better Metabolism

Drinking water on a consistent basis throughout the day stimulates your metabolism to work harder, regardless of the food you are eating. The best time to drink a large glass of water to boost your metabolism is right after you wake up, as this can boost the metabolism up 24%.

4. You Slow Down the Aging Process

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated, which keeps it wrinkle-free, healthy and youthful. Water also helps to maintain muscles, which will make your body more firm.

Alternatively, dehydration can cause headaches, dark circles around the eyes, skin blotches, and poor digestion, which will accelerate the aging process.

5. Your Brain Works Better

Drinking only water will help the brain to react quicker to everyday situations. Water brings oxygen to the brain, which helps it to be efficient, which boosts brain power.

Water also helps you think and focus. Research has shown that drinking eight cups of water each day can improve mental performance by up to 30%.

6. You Lose Weight

Flushing the toxins and waste from your vital organs helps to clean the body and this in and of itself helps the body to shed unwanted weight.

Dehydration is often mistaken as hunger. If you feel hungry when you have recently eaten, try drinking a glass of water to see if you were in fact just thirsty.

Water can also act as an appetite suppressant, which will help you consume less food and keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Drinking water before each meal can help you fill up so you will automatically consume less during the meal. Drinking water throughout the day may also decrease the number of snacks you have.

7. It’s Good for Your Heart

Water prevents the blood from thickening, which decreases the chances of suffering a heart attack. This also lowers blood pressure. Oftentimes, when someone is dehydrated their blood pressure will rise. This happens chronically when people do not drink enough water.

One study found that drinking only one glass of water in the evening, one hour prior to falling asleep, decreased the risk of stroke of heart attack. This nighttime glass of water helps the heart send clean and freshly oxygenated blood around to the organs.

Another study found that people who consumed under two glasses of water each day are 41% more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who consumed over five cups per day.

8. It Strengthens Your Bones

Water helps joints to move smoothly by rebuilding cartilage, which slows down joint damage that may be caused by tension. Joint and muscle flexibility are also improved when you drink only water.

9. Fewer Headaches

Dehydration triggers headaches, which can easily be relieved by drinking water. In addition to having fewer headaches, the headaches that do make it through will be less intense and shorter in duration.

10. Less Dehydration

This may sound obvious but you will be less dehydrated. Many liquids that we drink do not provide us with the hydration we need. Alcohol and coffee act as diuretics which make us lose a lot of water – more than we are consuming.

These types of drinks can actually leave us dehydrated with all kinds of unpleasant symptoms. Water on the other hand is straight up hydration and leaves you feeling awesome.