12 Tips for Simplifying Your Life

When you are constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it’s a good sign that you probably need to simplify your life. There are many stressors in life that are unavoidable and uncontrollable, but what most people don’t realize is that they are in control of much of the stress that is occurring.

We often make our lives more difficult than they need to be, so when we dial it down a notch and make things simpler, our stress levels will fall rapidly making our lives much more enjoyable.

It is a choice we can all make.

Many times we think everything is of equal importance in our lives, but there are some great ways to evaluate what really matters so we can gain a new perspective on life.

Below are 12 tips for simplifying your life.

12 Tips for Simplifying Your Life ~1. Figure out what is truly important.

This is really so simple. You must identify what is important to you and more or less eliminate everything else. This is easier to do than you may realize. Start with an organized plan of how to simplify by making a list of all activities you have going on in your life right now that take up time or create stress.

What has the most emphasis on a day-to-day basis? What could be scaled back or eliminated? Once you make this list, it’s a whole lot easier to see where you’re spending most of your time and what is causing the stress.

2. Clear the clutter.

In your home and office there are probably a lot of things that are cluttering your space. Everything must have its place – even if it’s in the trash! When you clear the clutter from your space, you’ll find that cleaning, finding things, and simply going about your daily life is a lot simpler and a whole lot less stressful.

Likewise, just the mental and emotional aspect of clearing out the clutter is really helpful to simplifying.

3. Limit time on media.

Most people don’t realize that a lot of their time is consumed by social media as well as television. Carve out specific times for this and limit yourself. Most people find that limiting these activities, creates much more time and space within their day.

4. Reconsider your commitments.

If you are stressed out all the time, it may be time to pare down your commitments. Many times we simply over-commit ourselves. You should look at the “extras” in your life and see how they align with the things that are most important to you. If there are things that you are committed to doing that you don’t enjoy or don’t add meaning to your life, consider giving them up. You can reduce stress and make your life more relaxed when you release yourself from commitments that are only tying you down.

5. Reevaluate your buying habits.

Many people feel stressed out because of finances. Simplifying what you purchase can create much more peace in your life. Evaluate what you are purchasing regularly and determine whether these items are necessary. Also, does food go to waste in your fridge? Reconsider how you do your grocery shopping and what is useful and what goes to waste.

6. Create dedicated alone time.

Dedicate a certain amount of time to yourself to be alone each week. During this time, do an evaluation of what you can continue to simplify and what is going well. Then take a bit of your alone time to rest and breathe.

7. Say no.

Many times when we’re stressed it’s because we don’t know how to say no to the people in our lives. Saying no to kids, family, friends, and even the boss is important. It can be tough to say no, but you can say it with grace or by delegating the request to another capable person. If you’re finding it difficult to stay firm, remember that you are not superman or superwoman. You can’t possibly take on the world by yourself!

8. Pare down your beauty routine.

This area is often time-consuming for women. Chances are that you are putting more into your beauty routine than is necessary. Figure out where you can eliminate time and still feel great about yourself.

9. Simplify your work.

Every day when you’re at work you likely have a 10-page to-do list. In reality, there are things that just aren’t all that important and aren’t worth the effort. And yes, there will be some things that you’ll never get around to. That’s okay! Accept that fact and re-evaluate your activities to determine what is really essential and do away with the rest.

10. Keep surfaces clear.

Just like clearing out the clutter, keep your surfaces clear on a daily basis. Taking just a couple minutes a day to clear out your mail and your countertops can do wonders for your emotional state. When things build up, it creates mountains of stress, literally.

Likewise, clear out your email on a daily basis too.

11. Involve the family.

There is as much to do at home as there is at work. Make your family your team and involve them in the home activities. Get everyone involved in the little tasks around the home such as taking out the trash, dusting, and doing the dishes. For example, you can require that each family member pick up 5-10 things around the house before bed. This way, cleaning the house is a lot easier and you can spend more of your time relaxing instead of worrying about every little task around the home.

12. Learn what is enough.

We live in a world where it seems like everyone always wants more. Learn what is enough in your life and stay there. You will find more fulfillment in what you already have and learn that seeking more is only a means to create more stress.

As you can see, simplifying your life does not have to be difficult. You just need to get back to basics and do away with everything else. Living a simple life is living a happier, less stressed life and that’s something that we can all aspire to do.