35 Totally Useful Hacks for Lemons

Who doesn’t love the smell of lemons? It is a universally pleasant smell evoking a feeling of health and freshness. But lemons are so much more than a smell to be enjoyed or a sliver of fruit to be added to one’s water. These 35 hacks for using lemons will change your life!

Indeed there are many amazing uses for lemons and it is recommended that everyone have a few on hand to use regularly within their home.

Enjoy these 35 totally useful hacks for lemons. Warning: You may find yourself wanting to run out and buy a bag of lemons right now.

35 Totally Useful Hacks for Lemons ~ https://facthacker.com/useful-hacks-for-lemons/1.  Add lemon juice to your dish soap for more effective grease cutting.

2.  Lemon juice has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

3.  Add lemon juice to rice to keep it from clumping and sticking.

4.  Combine lemon juice or lemon oil with vinegar for an all-natural household cleaner.

5.  Create your own non-toxic and all-natural household cleaner by combining water, vinegar, baking soda, lemon and lemon essential oil. (Other optional items include borax, liquid castile soap and other essential oils.)

6.  Create pre-made ice cubes with lemon for fun and flavorful drinks.

7.  Lemon juice is a natural astringent. Apply lemon juice to acne twice daily for 10 minutes. Rise with water.

8.  Use lemon juice as a spot treatment for laundry including armpit stains.

9.  Pour lemon juice in your toilet and allow it to sit for a few minutes before cleaning.

10.  Dry lemon peels are great kindling agents. Use them in your fireplace to get your fire started and enjoy an amazing smell at the same time.

11.  Remove mildew by creating a lemon juice and salt paste.

12.  To naturally lighten your hair, combine lemon juice with coconut oil. Apply to hair before being in the sun.

13.  Use lemon juice to remove hard water stains on your shower and sink fixtures.

14.  Use lemon juice to remove cooking odors such as garlic from your hands.

15.  Create frozen cubes of lemon and vinegar. Place a cube in your garbage disposal every now and then for cleaning.

16.  Create your own lemon body or face scrub by combining lemon juice (and/or lemon essential oil) with Epsom salt and coconut or olive oil.

17.  Scrub away rust stains with a combination of baking soda and lemon juice.

18.  Add a few lemon peels to your garbage can as a deodorizer.

19.  Drink lemon water for fresher breath.

20.  Likewise, drinking lemon water aids in digestion as well as the health of the immune system.

21.  Fade freckles and age spots by applying a touch of lemon juice.

22.  Lemons make an amazing addition to your marinade for meats. The acid in the lemon juice breaks down the meat allowing the flavor to be infused.

23.  Clean hardwood floors with lemon juice and vinegar.

24.  Use lemon juice as a silver jewelry cleaner solution by combining 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to 1 and a half cups of water.

26.  Use lemon juice for a sore throat. Lemon acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in the body.

27.  Likewise, lemon juice mixed with honey in water can help with coughs.

28.  Keep ants, fleas and roaches away by using lemon juice as an all-natural insect repellent in your home.

29.  Get rid of dandruff naturally by massaging 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp.

30.  Keep cut apples, bananas, avocados potatoes and pears from browning by soaking them in cold water and lemon juice.

31.  Lemon juice works as an all-natural and non-toxic weed spray.

32.  Relieve itchy skin from poison ivy by dabbing lemon juice on affected areas.

33.  Unclog drains by pouring boiling hot water down the drain followed by a alf a box of baking soda and about a dozen ounces of lemon juice. The chemical reaction creates a foam that works on the clog. Allow it to sit for a short period of time and then pour more boiling hot water over it.

34.  Simmer lemon peels, together with cinnamon and cloves, on top of the stove for wonderful home freshener.

35.  Drink lemon water for vitamin C, an essential vitamin.