Why Helping Others is Good for Your Health

Although you may find yourself with enough work and family duties on your hands, it can be life-changing to occasionally contribute your efforts to something bigger than yourself, your family or the commitments you already have.

Doing something relevant and helpful for others opens your world in ways you may have yet to consider.

Helping others can mean you do something in the sense of volunteering or working with those in need, but it can also mean more simple acts such as listening to a friend or holding the door for another. There are many uncomplicated and easy ways in which we can help others each day.

Here are some positive benefits of helping others.

Why Helping Others is Good for Your Health

Why Helping Others is Good for Your Health ~1. You strengthen your connections to others when you reach out to help.

We all yearn to find relationships and attachments in life. Helping others forges strong bonds.

2. Giving something of yourself increases your feelings of generosity.

Experiencing the joy of giving to others in need is one of the most incredible feelings you’ll ever have.

  • Knowing deep inside that you gave your time or effort to others who need it just because you wanted to, increases your feelings of generosity.

3. Your intrinsic worth increases when you help others.

When you hear someone genuinely say, “Thanks” and shake your hand or give a hug, your intrinsic worth begins to rise leading to more confidence, competence and inner peace.

4. You discover more about yourself whenever you assist others.

When you tap into the helpful side of yourself, you learn about yourself. Helping others and being there for others in turn increases your faith in yourself and your ability to rely on yourself.

  • You’ll feel your life is more complete when you familiarize yourself with the needs of others.

5. You can expand your repertoire of skills and sharpen them.

Adding new skills and gaining knowledge by helping others can help in both your personal and professional lives as well as simply developing as a human being.

  • This is true even if it is merely the skill of listening and being there.

6. Helping others is a way to show your gratitude for everything you’re thankful for in your own life.

Most of us have experienced many rough spots in our lives when we needed some type of help or guidance. Think of how much someone’s assistance helped you in the past. You have the opportunity to pay it forward by serving others.

You can help others in ways that are life-enhancing for them and life-enriching for you!  You’ll find your life to be more fulfilling and more purposeful.