12 Signs of a Friend You Can’t Live Without

Signs of a Good Friend You Cannot Live Without

There are good signs of a friend you can’t live without. We all know that friendships ebb and flow; some people come into your life for a short period of time and transition out. If you’re lucky, you have one or two people who stay for good. Whether you call them best friends or soul mates, these people make life worth living.

Wondering whether or not a friend is destined to be with you forever? Check out these 10 signs of a good friend — then, do your best to hold on to this person!

12 Signs of a Friend You Can’t Live Without

12 Signs of a Friend You Can't Live Without ~ https://facthacker.com/signs-of-a-friend/1. You tell them everything

With most people, you filter conversations. With a true friend, the filter is gone — you can tell them everything. This friend knows your terrible secrets and most embarrassing moments, and they don’t care! Best of all? You know their secrets, too, and you’re even closer because of it.

2. They know when to be honest

A real friend is a valuable resource: they’ll tell you the absolute truth, even when no one else will. Whether your jeans are too tight or you’re too attached to your ex, you can trust that your friend will let you know before you make a fool of yourself.

3. They drop anything for you

In need? Your friend is there as soon as you call. They’ll drop everything they’re doing to rush to your side and help you out, whether that means helping you move a piece of furniture or providing a shoulder to cry on when you’ve just gotten your heart broken.

4. They’re your biggest fan

Aside from your parents, a friend you can’t live without is your biggest support system. They’re in the audience when you’re giving a speech or singing a solo, and if you’re nervous about going after a dream, they cheer you on.

5. You text constantly

If something great happens, you text this friend. When you’re sad, you text. In fact, you’re in constant contact, whether or not there’s anything interesting to say. Chances are, they’re the first and last text (or Facebook message) of the day.

6. You don’t always need words

With a true friend, you can communicate without words. You’re so close that the tiniest facial expression can speak volumes. Other people might even have trouble having a conversation with the two of you, since half of the conversation consists of silent expressions and barely perceptible eye movements.

7. There’s no need to look cute for them

While you might love to get dressed up and go out with a great friend, you’re also completely comfortable looking your worst. Sweatpants, messy hair, no shower — no problem! This friend has seen you at your ugliest, and loves you anyway.

8. You know each other’s likes and dislikes

With forever friends, you know and respect each other’s preferences. If they’re ordering a pizza, they automatically leave off the onions because you’re allergic. If you get to the restaurant first, you order both drinks because you know what they want.

9. Personal boundaries fall away

Personal space and common boundaries have no place in your relationship. You’ve used the bathroom at the same time, climbed into bed with them for a nap, or drunk from the same cup. At dinner, it’s common to steal bites off of each other’s plates.

10. Their family is your family

Friends for life become family, and that includes parents and siblings. Chances are, you’ve both been to each other’s family weddings or holidays. You’re comfortable joining in on family-only dinners — after all, you’re practically another sibling.

11. You fight without fear

No matter how bad the fight or how heated the argument, you always know that your friend will still be close when things cool down. You might fight dirty sometimes — it’s hard not to, when you know everything about each other — but you always make up afterward.

12. You ask for advice

When you’re struggling or confused, this friend is the first person you go to. You truly value their opinion — after all, they know everything about you, so they are the best person to weigh in on tough situations. This person operates only with your best interests in mind, so you never have to worry about a hidden agenda.

Do you see these good signs of a friend in your buddy? Make sure you hold on to them!