10 Things That Incredibly Happy People Do

Around the globe, there are many varieties of happy people and listed here are the top ten common things that most happy people do regularly. These rituals, habits and ways of thinking are the keys to feeling happier and creating a happy life. How many of these things do you do?

10 Things That Incredibly Happy People Do

1. They are Grateful

One of the most common characteristics amongst the happy are that they are also grateful. Happy people recognize and express that they are grateful for the things they have, the people they know and their experiences.
If you want to feel happier, try listing some things you are grateful for each day, maybe at the beginning or end of each day.

10 Things That Incredibly Happy People Do ~2.  They Rest

Happy people know when it is time to take a break, to slow down and to rest. They know how to get things done but they also know how to rest when it is time. They incorporate rest and relaxation as a mandatory part of their lives. They know that resting is essential to rejuvenating.

3. They Read

Happy people are known to read things that inspire them. Whether it is fiction or non, happy people are quite often also readers. They like to be entertained, to continue to learn and to better themselves through greater knowledge.

4. They Eat Healthily

You simply don’t see truly healthy people binging on junk food or fast food. New studies are linking mood to food. Happy people take care of their bodies. It’s not to say they don’t enjoy the occasional sweet treat or drink, but overall, people who fuel their bodies with good food, feel better.

5. They Turn Off Their Technology

Happy people are not addicted to their cell phones, tablets or laptops. They take time to engage with the people around them face-to-face. They also take time to enjoy the world around them, not just through technology, but with their own two eyes and the rest of their senses.

6. They Move

Our bodies were made to move. Happy people move their bodies. Bodies need to move to stay healthy and it helps people to feel good and happy. From stretching to high intensity interval training to walking to yoga – move your body for increased happiness. See also Spark by John J. Ratey for more information about how moving improves mood.

7. They Plan Ahead

Happy people love the present moment, but they also plan ahead so that they are prepared in life situations. This keeps their stress lower and allows them to enjoy the present moment feeling calm.

8. They Think

One definite trait of happy people is they use their brains. Happy people recognize that thinking is one of their greatest assets and they think through what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. They also consciously think about choosing happiness, what that means to them and how to do it.

9. They Do Things They Enjoy

Happy people know that an essential component to being happy is to create time to engage in doing the things they enjoy. The make the time and then they do it, happily. To figure out how to do more of the things you enjoy, read Take the Leap by Heather McCloskey Beck.

10. They Choose Happiness

Not every situation is a happy one and that happiness is not automatic. Happy people recognize this and choose to make the most out of all situations and all environments. They find joy in the journey – both the ups and the downs. They view happiness as a choice and then they make the choice to respond positively to all experiences.