What The Length of Your Fingers Says About Your Personality

The way you look has a lot to do with how others perceive you, obviously. From the way you style your hair to the shoes you wear, your body is always on display. You might not consider your hands, however, when you envision making a first impression, but the length of your fingers could actually say a lot about you.

You might think this sounds like fortune telling, but scientific studies have been conducted to determine just how likely it is that you will exhibit these traits. One such study was conducted by the Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology.

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What the length of your fingers says about your personality.

What The Length of Your Fingers Says About Your Personality ~A – The Long Ring Finger

If your ring fingers are long, you are considered charming and intelligent. Some might even say that you are impossible to resist. You are said to be quick to use your mouth to get out of trouble, and this might lead some to find you a bit aggressive. Ultimately, your goal is to act as a problem solver.

If you possess the long ring finger, it is likely that you are also a compassionate individual. You could be drawn to occupations in which you get to put this to use, like soldier and scientist. You might also be great at running a company or working in engineering.

One study even suggested that men with longer index fingers than ring fingers were less likely to develop prostate cancer, so there’s that too.

B – Long Index Finger

If you have a long index finger, you tend to be confident. You don’t like to deal with any sort of hassle, and you prefer to meet your goals early on. This hand size indicates that you are not a fan of being interrupted once you get your head into the game.

You are even-mannered, and people tend to look to you for answers to some of their own problems. You have a good reputation for always having the best solution.

If you are introverted, you may still strive to meet goals with confidence. You may just not be as open about those goals. You are content to work alone with no less vigor or drive. Your only problem may be that you sometimes need to stop and smell the roses along he way.

Think you need a career change based on your personality? You might be better writing books, teaching, or motivating people as a speaker. You could even be this generation’s next great politician.

C – Ring & Index Finger Are the Same Size

If this is true for you, you are likely the first person to try to settle a dispute. You avoid conflict and do anything to keep the peace. You are loyal, possibly even to a fault, especially in personal relationships. This means that people are always filling you in on their deep secrets.

Of course, there is always another side to the coin. You are said to have a fast temper, especially if somebody takes advantage of your loyalty. You are all about balance, and for all your compassion you also have an equal level of anger.

You also keep work organized for the utmost peace and calm. This means that you would do great in a position where you get to exhibit your soft side. Your desire to help people could lead you to work as a therapist, social worker, or medical professional.

There is much more to the way your hands have been formed than meets the eye. Studies suggest that the length of your fingers is linked to the level of testosterone in your body while you were in the womb. Research is ongoing.

Now that you know what personality traits are commonly associated with your finger lengths, what do you think? Could it be that our fingers actually do reveal more about our personalities than we think?